sábado, 23 de marzo de 2013

I don`t believe in luck after all

 I think you better, Think with the heart
Take a look at yourself And see how lucky you really are.
I don`t believe in luck after all Neither does he
But you know that now You should forget him
Cause I`ve got his heart 
He hates the way that I tear it apart.
What do we do when life takes us so long?
Why we waste so much time, you know, I'll never know.
Why do we stay here, why do we go?
Why does everybody think that they can do both?

I know it`s hard now for you to see
You can`t change how it was
Or how is gonna be.
I'm what he wants
You're just what he needs
And if is he still loves me
he still loves me.

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